Containment period for the Punch Croisières team


Dappled sky, confined sailors, let's prepare our oilskins…

Times are complicated for all, the situation is completely new, and our motto - The invitation to travel - is not easy to implement in the short term. We are however convinced that we will come out of this test together, and hope that our joint efforts will succeed in limiting the final results.

We wanted Punch Croisières to comply as much as possible with the spirit of the containment guidelines. Rather than doing maintenance and improvement work, we have kept the minimum service necessary for the return of crews already at sea and to secure our fleet. The base therefore remains open with two technicians, the rest of the team each remaining wisely at home.

However, we remain commercially operational - Sarah or myself answering the phone (0596 74 89 18) or emails ( with the same pleasure as usual - or administratively, Isabelle continuing to bring us a lbit of strictness from home with the accountancy (comptabilité

So feel free to consult us to see together how to make your cruise projects a reality, or just to chat and maybe dream a little!