All special requests during your yacht charter will be reviewed individually on request and subject to availability of material in Martinique.

On generic services :

Transfer from airport to Marina :

2 options available to you.

- By taxi : Minibus link for an amount of 10 euros per person (a minimum of 60  and 90€ after 19h).

- Car hire with negotiated rates by Punch Cruises.

Our partner : 

Provisioning :

Again two possible solutions :

- Having your whole or in part provisioning done by specialized companies on site that will deliver on the boat just before your arrival. This will allow you to not waste your time and gain advices on needs onboard the yacht.

Our partner in provisioning : 

- There is also the opportunity to make your provisioning in the supermarket located at the exit of Marin. They will pick you up and bring you back with your shopping as the supermarket is fairly distant from the Marina. Otherwise, next to the Marina, you will find a small local market with fruits and vegetables, fish and meat.

Equipment rental

Diving : The snorkelling set are provided for free on board, however, you can rent equipment and compressors. It should however be aware that in the English islands, access to diving is regulated according to the sites.

Our partner :

Kayak : single kayak rental or double polyethylene open construction.

Windsurfing : Holiday fun board and standard board.

Our partner :  

Spinnaker : asymmetrical spinnaker rental depending on the type of boat, 100 € / week.